“Your teachings were a big part of my birth experience … you have helped me to birth both my children and will always be a part of their story. You are a very special lady and I’m so glad to have met you.” Tosh (one baby was a caesarean birth in hospital, the other was born vaginally at home).


Next Workshop August 2016: Date TBC. Please contact Gillian if you are interested. Spaces limited.

The Birth Preparation Workshops that Gillian holds have evolved over many years of teaching these sessions to individuals, couples and groups alike. They are very laid back sessions, usually attended by the birthing partner as well as the mother.

Once everyone is fully settled with tea or coffee and cake, we begin the session with a little bit of theory. We then get a bit more practical by imagining the mother’s labour is beginning and that the first stage of labour gets underway. We practice the movements and breathing patterns that many women tend to do instinctively at this stage (as well as talking about many other things that can help the mother – not just yoga!). As the session develops, we imagine her reaching full dilation and moving into transition, 2nd and 3rd stage of labour and again practice methods that women often do instinctively. The session continues right up to the moment of holding the little baby in your arms and the first suckles.

We endeavour to prepare for any kind of birth and to prepare for the unexpected (as much as that can be done!), and special sessions can also be held for women who are having a planned caesarean birth. Whatever the birth experience or the birth plan, we approach the birth by considering the physical aspects, the physiological aspects, the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of birthing a being.

Please contact Gillian directly to find out when the next group session will be held. Private sessions can also be arranged. Email gillian on gillianshippey@hotmail.com or contact her on 0785 500 4858.